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Organisational matters and forms

Your supervisor has agreed to guide your research project, and you have chosen the right doctoral programme? As supervisor you are looking for the regulations and forms for the doctoral procedure? Here we have compiled some useful information for you:

A. Admission to the doctoral programme and to BayNAT and acceptance as a doctoral candidateHide

The doctoral candidate and the supervisor first complete a supervision agreement (a sample of a modifiable supervision agreement can be found here).

In addition, they jointly agree on a mentoring committee consisting of the supervisor plus 2 scientists from the chosen doctoral programme who should have agreed to participate in advance.

You will then need the following documents, which you will present to the chair of the executive board or the Dean's Office responsible for the doctoral programme:

  • Admission form
  • 1 copy of the supervision agreement (a sample of a modifiable supervision agreement can be found here)
  • A certified copy of the university degree qualifying for doctoral studies (usually a Master's degree, equivalence must be checked in advance for foreign degrees), original documents/certificates can be certified by the respective Dean's Office
  • Depending on the programme, further documents (statement of purpose, curriculum vitae, research plan, etc.)

Depending on the particular doctoral programme, there are also different requirements for fast-track procedures or admission through eligibility test; your supervisor or the chair of the executive board will inform you accordingly.

You will also need

The chair of the executive board receives the complete set of documents from you or from the responsible Dean's office, checks them for completeness and signs the admission form as confirmation that you are eligiable to the doctoral programme and to BayNAT.

All documents and the online registration will then be checked by the Dean's Office responsible for a particular programme. As confirmation of your admission to BayNAT and acceptance as doctoral candidate, you finally will receive a letter signed by the director or deputy director by mail - and your doctoral procedure will officially begin.

B. Admission to the doctoral examination procedure ("submission of the thesis")Hide

Are you on the verge of writing and submitting your thesis? Then your Dean's Office will be happy to advise you on formal aspects of the thesis,  the formal requirements, the necessary documents and the further steps.

In most programmes, meeting dates of the executive boards are not set until a thesis has been handed in. The necessary meeting generally takes place within one month after submission.

Attention: The programme "Ecology and Environmental Research (PEER)" has already fixed the following meetings: 31 January 2024, 08 May 2024, 12 June 2024 and 10 July 2024. If you want to be considered in one of the meetings, you will have to submit your thesis at least one week in advance. (During the semester break, there may be additional meetings as necessary.)

C. Forms at a glanceHide

Further documents (e.g. application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure, sample thesis pages, information handouts), as well as detailed and individual information (e.g. on the formal contents of the thesis or on the entire procedure of the doctoral [examination] procedure) can be obtained at any time from your responsible Dean's Office
(Faculty I oder Faculty II). Please feel free to visit us in person!

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