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Bayreuth Graduate School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (BayNAT)

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Soft Matter Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Solid State Physics

The doctoral programme “Soft Matter Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Solid State Physics” introduces itself

The doctoral programme, supported by the entire physics department, prepares particularly well-suited students for independent research. In particular, topics from the physics of soft matter, solid state physics and nonlinear dynamics are taught and promoted in experiments and theory.

Focus on core competencies and key qualifications

Physics is a cross-sectional science and therefore places special demands on specialist knowledge, interdisciplinary competency and the ability to communicate. This programme supports the qualification of doctoral students for independent research in a broad professional environment and for scientific communication. It thus aims at enabling people to take on responsible roles in education, research, industry, and society.

Optimal career opportunities through the acquisition of additional qualifications

Of course, scientific work on the research project forms the core of every doctorate. In this doctoral programme, however, we offer young scientists additional qualifications that go beyond research work and enable them to contribute creatively to the further development and communication of scientific concepts. Accompanying the research activity, each doctoral candidate acquires individual qualifications, which he or she can tailor optimally to the requirements of the scientific doctoral project as well as to his or her personal abilities and needs. In this way, the doctoral programme prepares students specifically for the various, diverse fields of work that physicists in our society take up.

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