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Bayreuth Graduate School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (BayNAT)

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Special features

Information on the particularities of the application and admission procedure for the programme:

Prerequisite for admission to the doctoral programme is an above-average pass in a mathematical, computer science, physics or engineering master's or diploma programme, or admission to the fast-track programme of a German university pertaining to the doctoral programme, or a comparable degree.

Applicants must enclose the following documents with their application for admission:

  • Proof of a clearly above-average pass in a university degree related to the doctoral programme
  • If applicable, proof of ECTS credit points earned in the Master's programme so far
  • Rationale for choosing the doctoral programme
  • If available, evidence of special qualifications, if these relate to the content of the doctoral programme.

The suitability of an applicant will be determined by the executive board on the basis of the documents submitted and - if necessary - an additional oral examination.

Further details can be found in the order of the doctoral programme "Computational Mathematics in Science and Engineering" (BayCompMath), which is part of the regulations of BayNAT and can be downloaded here as a PDF-document.

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