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Photophysics of Synthetic and Biological Multichromophoric Systems

The doctoral programme "Photophysics of Synthetic and Biological Multichromophoric Systems" introduces itself

Systems are generally referred to as "multichromophores" if they contain different units that can interact with light. Typical examples of multichromophores are larger molecules with a conjugated electron system. Multichromophores play an important role e.g. in biological light collection complexes in photosynthesis, in technological applications for the development of organic solar cells, or in organic electronics in general. In addition to their relevance in applications, these systems are also of great interest because they allow the study of very general, fundamental questions on the physics and chemistry of condensed matter.

Interdisciplinary science

In order to achieve systematic progress in this field, scientific concepts, experience and methodological knowledge from various scientific disciplines must be purposefully combined.  This requires the cooperation of scientists far beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries.  Hence, there are great opportunities in this field of research, especially in the cooperation between chemistry and physics                                   

Acquisition of additional qualifications and interdisciplinary training profile

The doctoral programme "Photophysics of synthetic and biological multichromophoric systems" aims to offer young scientists additional qualifications beyond their actual research work, which will enable them to meet the special requirements that characterize the interdisciplinary field of photophysics of multi-chromophoric systems. Graduates of this doctoral programme are especially qualified for work in the field of photophysical research and the investigation of multichromophore                                                                                             systems.

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