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Computational Mathematics in Science and Engineering

The doctoral programme "Computational Mathematics in Science and Engineering" introduces itself

The doctoral programme, which is supported by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, prepares particularly well-suited students for independent research in the field of applied mathematics, especially in the field of scientific computing in the broadest sense of the term.

Mathematics: Key Technology

For many decades, the importance of mathematics in solving scientific and industrial problems has been steadily increasing. Mathematics is now regarded as one of the world's leading key technologies. Therefore, more and more experts are needed who have a thorough knowledge of the mathematical modelling of scientific tasks, and of their critical evaluation, as well as of mathematical, numerical, and statistical analysis as it applies to concrete algorithmic implementation. Furthermore, knowledge of computer science, the second important cross-disciplinary science of our time, is indispensable for the efficient implementation of algorithms on modern computers, and for the visualization of the calculated solutions in a form that is understandable to users.

Long-term potential for innovation

Scientific computing covers the entire solution chain from modelling to mathematical, numerical and statistical analysis, the implementation of algorithms on high-performance computers, simulation and optimization to visualization and model validation. In particular, the optimization of nonlinear processes will be a focus of the Bayreuth doctoral programme. Today, we are not merely satisfied with the numerical simulation of nonlinear dynamic processes, but are trying to systematically stabilize and mathematically optimize these processes with regard to external influences and manipulated variables.  Furthermore, stochastic methods must be consulted for uncertain data. In the combination of these additional aspects lies a particularly large potential for innovation in scientific, technical and industrial implementations. The programme is open for all fields of application.

Deepening scientific knowledge, key competencies for professional life

In general, the entire range of the above solution chain will of course not be covered in every thesis project. Therefore, the doctoral programme Computational Mathematics in Science and Engineering (BayCompMath) explicitly intends to provide the possibility to dedicate oneself to partial aspects of scientific computing.

In addition to independent research, the doctoral programme provides in-depth knowledge in mathematics, computer science and, if applicable, in those application subjects which are the subject of the respective doctoral project. In addition, key competencies for professional life are taught. The teaching languages are German and English.

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