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Ecology and Environmental Research

The doctoral programme "Ecology and Environmental Research" introduces itself

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The structured doctoral programme "Ecology and Environmental Research" (PEER) constitutes the training of doctoral students in ecology and environmental research, a designated focus area of the University of Bayreuth. More than 200 scientists work in this field, in 25 research groups from biology and the geosciences. The fields of research range from the structure, function and services of ecosystems, biodiversity, species and nature conservation, to climate research and questions of environmental pollution and rehabilitation.

BayCEER - Competency bundling and interdisciplinarity

The Bayreuth Centre for Ecology and Environmental Research (BayCEER), which bundles the scientific competencies in this focus area, is responsible for the doctoral programme. Young scientists benefit from the interdisciplinary exchange that is nurtured at BayCEER in workshops, colloquia and cross-disciplinary working groups. In carrying out their research, these doctoral researchers have access to comprehensive services and infrastructure that includes shared research laboratories, workshops, test sites, and database applications.

Further information on PEER  

You can find out about the application and admission procedures, as well as the course of a doctorate, on the BayNAT PEER homepage.

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