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Materials Chemistry and Catalysis

The doctoral programme "Materials Chemistry and Catalysis" introduces itself

Material for innovations

New materials and catalytic converters are driving innovation in an increasing number of areas in industry, research and technology. The Bayreuth doctoral programme "Materials Chemistry and Catalysis" is aimed at doctoral students who have a strong interest in materials and catalysis research, and want to collaborate with a high degree of professional competency and creativity in the development of high-performance materials or catalysts. The doctoral programme focuses on rapidly developing materials technologies such as nanomaterials, composites, and the design of catalysts.

Through independent research, doctoral students learn about the properties and application potential of many classes of materials and catalysts that are of particular importance for technological progress and economic growth in the 21st century. Graduates of the doctoral programme are able to synthesize, modify, and characterize materials for various applications through demanding research-related training. The Campus of the University of Bayreuth offers excellent opportunities for this with its state-of-the-art laboratories and fine library facilities.

Occupational fields

Graduates of this doctoral programme are supremely qualified for a variety of professional fields in the chemical industry and related branches. Both large and medium-sized companies have an increasing demand for rigorously trained specialists in the field of materials chemistry. Universities and research institutes also offer attractive career prospects.

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