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Interdisciplinary Microplastic Sciences

The doctoral programme "Interdisciplinary Microplastic Sciences (InterMicro)" - From Macromolecules to the Environment - introduces itself

In contrast to the rigid framework of training in one of the classical natural science disciplines, the "InterMicro" doctoral programme brings together the disciplines of chemistry, physics, engineering, geosciences and biology and uniquely enables an interdisciplinary training framework. Thus, the doctoral programme offers a broad inter- and transdisciplinary education through research and the promotion of interdisciplinary competencies.

The need for interdisciplinary training lies above all in the challenges that have to be overcome in the holistic consideration of new and complex topics such as the so-called "emerging contaminants". Integrated approaches are an essential part of modern scientific research.

Concerning plastics, for example, the mechanisms and processes that act in different environmental media are just as great a challenge as the hazard assessment and risk evaluation of the particles that are produced. Therefore, for the development of societal and technical solutions, the impact on the environment, organisms and human health must be considered in addition to economic and technical possibilities. All this must be done in the context of society and nature that is undergoing global change.

Professional fields

The doctoral programme "Interdisciplinary Microplastic Sciences (InterMicro) - From Macromolecules to the Environment" trains a new generation of young scientists who are not only able to conduct independent research, but also can communicate in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way. This ability allows them to take on responsible activities in education, research, industry and society in times of global change.

Embedding and linking with the Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

The doctoral programme has emerged from SFB 1357 Microplastics and is closely linked to it. Therefore, all courses held within the framework of the SFB 1357 Microplastics are eligible for credit points.

Further information on the objectives of the doctoral programme, the procedure and the entry requirements can be found on the pages of the SFB 1357 Microplastics.

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