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The University of Bayreuth, a research- and focus-oriented university

Foundation of the university

The foundation of the University of Bayreuth traces back to a resolution made by the Bavarian parliament in the year 1970. The basic concept of this, the seventh university in Bavaria, was developed by an advisory council and from the very beginning was aimed at establishing trendsetting research and educational facilities which were geared at the interface between multiple scientific areas and thus structurally supported interdisciplinary collaboration in research and academic studies. The first courses were offered in the winter semester of 1975/76. Over the years, construction of the departments, institutes, and service facilities ensued on the university campus in the southeastern part of the city.

General orientation of the university

The University of Bayreuth is an internationally operating, collaboration- and focus-oriented research university with interdisciplinary structures capable of innovation. Through research, teaching, and continuing education, it is conducive to scientific advancement and a scientifically oriented education. Regarding its research and teaching missions, it is devoted to quality assurance and the advancement of young academics. The University of Bayreuth supports - also in cooperation with third parties - continuing scientific education and advancement of skills. It regards itself as a stimulus for innovation concerning its scientific connection to the economy.

The foundation of the work at the University of Bayreuth is specific field-related research which is subject to continuous strength and weakness analyses via internal and external evaluation with regard to international academic standards. The University of Bayreuth is continually developing its research approach, which is based on accredited fundamental research with an application-related connection to the economy and society.

Excerpt from the resolution of the University of Bayreuth's Academic Senate from February 23, 2000

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