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Welcome to the official website of BayNAT

Graduate School at the University of Bayreuth with an emphasis on the Natural Sciences

The Bayreuth Graduate School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (BayNAT) is a graduate school with an emphasis on the natural sciences which offers the possibility for interdepartmental doctoral work. The objective of BayNAT is to provide young scientists with an excellent, internationally oriented education within the context of their research work and scientific environment. The graduate course of studies at BayNAT comprises research-oriented educational elements such as seminars, postgraduate symposia, attendance at expert conferences, and tutorials for scientific publications. The alumni of BayNAT are thus qualified to conduct scientific work in the multifaceted areas of today's natural sciences and to contribute creatively to the advancement of scientific concepts.

Problem-oriented, interdepartmental, interdisciplinary

BayNAT is made up of individual graduate programs in which multiple research groups from different departments collaborate to solve problems. The individual doctoral candidates in these programs are attended to intensively by a mentoring group made up of three scientists. The graduate program and the mentors ensure that every doctoral candidate receives an individually optimized education accompanying their research work. Besides conveying core scientific concepts, the graduate programs most importantly provide time for the creative and productive research which constitutes the main focus of the doctoral work. In addition to their role in the doctoral candidates' education, the graduate programs at BayNAT form a platform for the interdisciplinary collaboration of the participating research groups.

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